Public domain pictures

17.01.2010 kl. 21:22
Here’s an incomplete compendium of (mostly) public domain pictures.

Images created before 1923 are out of copyright, no matter what their original status was.

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Collection ( -- There are over 100,000 historical images on this site. -- Just what it sounds like -- high-quality scans from old books, all out of copyright. 

National Atlas ( has all sorts of useful maps, all free of charge.

New York Public Library Digital Image Gallery ( -- There are over 500,000 images in this online collection.

GIMP-Savvy ( Indexes photos from NASA, NOAA (National Weather Service), and the Fish and Wildlife Service in one convenient search engine.

Web Gallery of Art ( -- another good resource for old art, completely kosher because they don't put up pieces from after 1850.  The images are high-res.

EveryStockPhoto ( This one is good, and not listed on Wikipedia.  The site boasts over 380,000 free stock photos, with no usage restrictions (unlike Yotofoto; see above).

Openphoto ( -- CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSED, which means you need to cite the photographer when you use it.

Flickr Creative Commons Pool ( – Use with caution, these photos are under different kinds of Creative Commons licenses. There are literally tens of millions of images here. ( Not really for images, but great historic video and audio collections, whose copyright status is clearly marked.  An excellent resource.

Indymedia ( -- News photos of current events are posted here and at several subsidiary sites (linkable from the main page) under a Creative Commons license, which means post WITH ATTRIBUTION.  This is a fantastic resource if you want news photos for your diaries.

MorgueFile (  -- An excellent and exhaustive database of surplus stock photos.   Use with attribution, otherwise you're violating their copyright.

Dover Clip Art ( -- Just what it sounds like: free clip art from the Dover publishing house.  You have to sign up for a weekly e-mail digest to use this one, but once you've done that you've got over 400,000 clip art images available for use WITH ATTRIBUTION.

WPClipart ( Clip art optimized for Word documents, but eminently usable online.  Unfortunately, the site uses a Google interface, so you have to click through a few pages to actually see the images, but the upside is that you don't need attribution for these.

Have fun...
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I would like to add to your list of places to find public domain clip art.
Wesley02.06.13 kl. 17:08

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