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18.01.2010 kl. 22:53
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A massage wold be nice, and maybe a clay facial, but sandy balls...
Klaffen20.01.10 kl. 13:26
Collateral damage from beach shagging
20.01.10 14:26
I've had sandy balls in the military, it is not recommended
tommix20.01.10 kl. 13:31
Oh? I thought boot polish was the MO of platoon bullies ;-)
20.01.10 14:27
Semtex Balls is the latest fashion among the jet set - or so I've heard...
Monsieur Xavier20.01.10 kl. 14:24
Thanx for helping me out with the photo thing u know.. Now its all working!!
Karolina23.01.10 kl. 23:19
"Our business is your pleasure" Barry Bonk 1983
25.01.10 18:18

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